How To Get Laid Online In 5 Easy Steps

Getting laid online isn’t the future, it’s the now. Its one of the top ways to get your meet and fuck on. With coronavirus wreaking havoc on bar happy hours, adult online dating sites, such as the giant Fuckbook hookup site, are thriving. Its how people are now meeting for sex.

Many former bar bros are learning the value in online adult dating. They once thought it to be lame, but when forced to use it, they now see how incredible the experience is.

So what are some tips to get laid online?

Customize Messages

Don’t bring your garbage message game. I know, it seems easier to just mass message girls with a template. The problem is, online dating isn’t new to most of these girls. They snuff out templated messages. And to them, the effortless play warrants not even a little look. You can have the most awesome profile in the world, but if girls catch you mass messaging, they won’t look.

Don’t write novels, no girl wants that. But read her profile and see if you find commonalities. Try to get a feel for what type of hookup she’s looking for. Craft a message that aligns with that. Try to nab her interest. Stand out by not throwing a template game at her. Believe me, she’ll know you at least tried and respect that.

Broaden Your Fuckbook Search

If you aren’t finding a lot of bites, maybe open your search up in miles. Fuckbook default search is often narrow, down to say 10 miles. This is done to make hooking up more efficient, and therefore, easier.

But if you start seeing the same girls over and over and either aren’t interested or they aren’t responsive, branch out from 10 miles to 20 miles and see what you find. You might be surprised by what else is out there.

Don’t Waste Time With Ghosters

If a girl responds, then disappears for weeks, then pops back in, and promptly disappears again, she might be a ghoster. If this happens a couple of times with the same girl, she might just be fishing you for attention. Maybe her marriage is up and down and when it’s down, she pops on Fuckbook looking for guys to reign down attention on her.

These girls result in time waste and eat away at your energy. Don’t let that happen. It takes away from potential real sex opportunities.

Dedicated a Little Time Each Day, But Not Too Much

Don’t think you have to find the perfect fuck buddy overnight. Don’t burn out. Dedicate 15 to 30 minutes a day to using Fuckbook. Play the long game.

Forget Rejections

Rejections happen. That’s just the nature of dating in general. You have to move on right away. Much like Kobe Bryant missing a basket, he just moves on to the next play. Move on to the next play without hanging on the rejection.

You can’t let adult dating rejections beat up your confidence or you’ll always been a lowly state.

Fuckbook is an amazing experience. But you do need to utilize some of these basic tips to make it an even hotter experience.