28 Things that Turn Us On

Although, at first glance, they shouldn't, but they lusted at first sight.


1. Bicycle saddles


The Aberdeen escorts in cycling shorts pedaling diligently in front of you can be endlessly watched. Even if you know for sure that the mindless saddle doesn't really feel anything.


2. Leopard skin

Men were once considered old enough for sex only after they brought the skin of a slain leopard to their tribe. Now times have changed, and to have sex, a mink, a silver fox, or even a well-dressed rabbit is quite enough.

Nevertheless, we still see off all the leopards we meet with a thoughtful look (even if these leopards never ran across the savannah, but were born as a result of the unnatural violence of aniline dye over artificial suede).

3. Untrained female tummies

The inventors of belly dancing knew what they were doing. Cubes are cubes, but it is very difficult to resist not grabbing onto this bulge, which itself lies trustingly in your palm.


4. Girls dressed in men's clothing

Agree, when Bradford escorts get out of bed in the morning, puts on her shirt, and starts cooking you breakfast like this ... Nine out of ten, that your omelet will eventually burn with her!

5. Female fight

If at least one ballet in the world was written especially for men, then it would not be called Swan Lake, but “Ten girls are fighting in a bar, tearing clothes and pouring cocktails over each other.”

6. TV presenters

How do they manage it? What is so unspeakably sexy about the story of the drop in tin prices on the Tokyo Stock Exchange? Moreover, TV presenters usually exist in a half-hearted mode: an important part of them is forever hidden from you under the studio table.


7. Libraries

Please be quiet! In our high-security library it is strictly forbidden to smoke, talk loudly, leave notes in the margins, remove books from the shelves on your own and grab strict but sexy librarians in different places ... What do you allow yourself, young man ?!

8. Tennis players 

The fact that skirts over trousers look even more indecent than when without anything at all - this is still the creators of the cancan understood. Take volleyball players, for example, everything seems to be almost the same, but something is missing. Although, maybe this is because they bend over the ball less often.

9. Waitresses

A lacy apron, a polite smile, well-done steaks, and a 100% positive reaction to the question: "Shouldn't my friend and I have a glass of whiskey?"

10. School uniform for girls

No fetishism! A thing that all men love cannot be a fetish. It automatically passes into the category of eternal values. (To remove suspicions of pedophilia, let's immediately add: school uniforms look best on adult aunts.)


11. Women who can beat us

Bodybuilders, arm wrestlers, Madonna again ... Still, what amazing things the Oedipus complex can do with men!

12. Teachers

What do you want? The entire period of our sexual development, our entire indomitable puberty passed in the incessant compulsory contemplation of these particular female representatives - it is not surprising that they ate into our subconscious more than chalk on an old board. Together with their glasses, knots on the back of the head, and the habit of absentmindedly poking pointers at us.

13. Outlines of panties, visible under clothes

Because they are noticeable. And because they are cowards.

14. Women with fever

A flushed face, shining eyes, a low hoarse voice ... In addition, the girl needs your help. And even already in bed! Stripped! In woolen socks!

15. Women who hate us

They make the modern man, an ordinary, quiet, highly civilized office dweller, again feel like that terrible, ferocious, and lustful villain that he was once invented by nature. You start to respect yourself more. It's sexy.

16. Girls who wear glasses

Some especially depraved natures immediately start fantasies about the touch of a cool metal bow to the most intimate parts of our body. (Not to mention the fact that through the lenses these very parts must appear much larger than they actually are ... I hope she's not farsighted?)

17. Women are drunk

Drunk escorts are a separate type of natural disaster. Here she loudly sings "The color of the mood is blue" and tries to wipe her tears of delight with the laces of your shoes, and a second later she is waving her bag and trying to knock the hat off the head of the bartender. He asks to take her by taxi to New York, cannot get his hand in the sleeve of her coat, and assures that she drank nothing at all, one glass of it - champagne (it may have been, but it was a seven-bucket glass). And despite all the unpredictability, there is something attractive about a drunk girl. Although a decent man, of course, will curb all animal impulses and put the naughty girl to sleep.

18. Instructions for using condoms

Not that we in our adulthood needed this instruction. But in it the process is drawn and painted in such detail - I just want to immediately do everything that is proposed in it.

19. Hysterics

Temperament is strength! If in bed inverness escorts give out at least half of this program, then the collection of the favorite lesbian porn can be taken to the dustbin of history.

20. Women in military uniform

And when they meet a senior, they are the first to salute him ... And this, too, cannot but inspire.

21. Lingerie shops  

It is a pity that we cannot be invisible, inaudible, and intangible there. Then we simply would not get out of these establishments. But, finding ourselves there in the flesh, we are shy and try to get away as soon as possible.


22. When women hug each other

I wonder if aberdeen escorts know that their breasts are pressed against each other at this time?

23. White jerseys

Especially when they get wet!


24. Women in equestrian sports

No, well, you just listen to how this phrase sounds: "Nicole saddled a hot stallion, resolutely moved her legs, urging the mighty animal, hit him with a whip, and a frantic jump began ..." *


25. Pretty Big Women

Even those of us who only deal with top models will certainly cast a shocking look at the oversized butt floating by. We, you know, regard such things as a challenge. It's just that some people never dare to accept it.


26. White areas on a tanned body

Because in this combination, they look even more naked.

27. Slow dancing

But this does not mean that we agree to put up with their existence!

28. Gynecological offices

Some of the chairs are worth something!